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LED Hydroponic LTD was established in 2008 and since that day, like the plants we assist.
The company has grown to new heights every year, always at the forefront of technology and always aiming to run an efficient, honest business with complete care and aftercare for our precious customers.
We operate at the cutting edge of LED technology, investing our own money into developing new techniques and inventions so that we can bring them to you at a reasonable price and with our official stamp of approval.
Our proud line of products ranges from the remarkable slick Skyline, Solar Flare and Skysaber Pro led grow lights.
This family of lights have been reared, developed, tested and manufactured by our very selves.

Our Aim
To Present Our Customers with a High-Quality Product, Giving the Best Results because We have dedicated our resources; both time and money, to ensure our grow lights do not let our customers down.When we look back, specifically 14 years ago, as a company we see how our Top LED grow lights have evolved and on how we have perfected our product over the years to deliver our customers a product that can last them several years.
Evolving over 13 years, our LED lights are now better than ever and the results only prove this.
We are one of the BEST LED GROW LIGHT company around and pride ourselves on always being one step ahead of the competition, both in price, customer care and quality of products.
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Why would growers convert from HPS to LED grow lights?
Why would growers convert from HPS to LED grow lights?
LED grow lights provide the following benefits:They are more efficient than HPS in that they provide more light per watt of electricity used.The majority of them provide a broad spectrum of PAR light, which is optimal for plant health, plant growth, final yields, and harvest quality.Instead of using a reflector, the light is directed right down onto your plants and LED lasts a long time (50,000 hours)They are far cooler than other types of light that do not emit infrared rays, resulting in significantly reduced heat problems, especially in the summer.Unlike other forms of grow lights, there are no bulbs to replace on a regular basis.They barely decay during the course of their extended lives, which can last up to 11 years or even longer in some cases.They lower your lighting's operating costs.
Unlike traditional lighting, it has no mercury or other environmentally harmful chemicals.
What Are LED Grow Lights and How Do They Work?
The term "light-emitting diode" refers to a device that emits light. A grid of hundreds or even thousands of individual diodes or chips makes up an LED grow light. The chips turn electricity directly into light, saving energy over other types of bulbs.
Each diode emits a distinct colour. A broad or partial light spectrum can be created by combining multiple semiconductors. The purplish colour of LEDs used in grow lamps comes from the combination of red and blue diodes. Many plants have various growth patterns depending on the colour spectrum they are in. During the vegetative stage, blue light is favoured, whereas red wavelengths are optimal during bloom. You may tweak and experiment with your illumination spectrum using an LED grow lamp.
LED grow lights come in different shapes, sizes and features to meet many home growers’ needs. High-end, professional grow lights led grow lights feature a large panel of diodes. Other smaller models are shaped like saucers or bars.
Advantages of LED Lighting
LEDs, as a more evolved technology, provide a plethora of wonderful advantages for your grow room. LEDs are preferred by growers for a variety of reasons.
They're More Attractive
HID bulbs are hotter than LED bulbs. While HIDs get more efficient as they burn hotter, LEDs become more efficient as they cool. In a grow room with too much heat, moisture and condensation can build up, reducing airflow to the plants. Cooler LEDs are easier to operate with because amateur growers typically risk overheating their grow space using HIDs. When an LED grow light is cooler, it produces more photons per watt.
While LEDs are already cooler than HIDs, some types have built-in cooling fans. These fans become an asset to your setup, rather than a necessary evil. They improve your grow light’s energy efficiency, reducing your operational costs. Also, since LEDs degrade faster under warmer conditions, fans improve

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